Jimi Heslin on Guitar and Vocals:
Jimi was a founding member of Sapphire who played all thru the 70's and
into the 80's. He was the owner of Let's Dance night club with Kevin Brenner
of CTA fame in Poughkeepsie, NY from 1983 till 1992. Jimi is now a current
member of U Fat Bastard and Night Life in upstate New York. He is also a
partner in the Babicz Guitar Company and the owner of The AxeShop,
a vintage guitar store in Wappinger Falls, NY.

Ed Burns on Keyboards and Vocals:
Ed was the keyboard player and vocalist with Sapphire in the late 70's and
early 80's. He has continued playing non-stop with a number of bands since
then and currently is the driving force behind Connecticut favorites "The Mix".

Nick Manolakes on Guitar and Vocals
Nicky was the rhythm guitarist with Sapphire during the 70's and 80's,
and with Sapphire for all the reunion dates. He went on to a very successful
career in the business world.

Joe Edleman
Joe's first band was with his brother Jimmy on drums with Jimi Heslin in lead guitar
and vocals in "Sweet Touch of Sin" from age 13.
Then came“Sapphire” with his brother Jimmy, Jimi Heslin and Nick Manolakes.
Later John Spallone came in and after a couple of years Ed Burns &
Sean McKee. Sapphire was for Joe age 15 to 21.
Next was “Queenie’s Lightnin’” with brother Jimmy, Jimi Heslin, Ed Burns
and Ruthie from White River Monster, that was short lived.
Years later he played with brother Jimmy in a band “Bang Zoom” with Pete Klein
& Perry Lengyel in the late 1980’s.
Today Joe plays with Ed Burns, Kenny Burns, Jorge Vasco Dias Formigal, Ed Adams,
and Bob Conroy in the band “ The Mix”.

Including Ken Burns

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