Legendary Rat Race Choir formed July 18, 1968, and this year they are celebrating their 50th Anniversary.
The band hails from Westchester, NY. However, their presence on eastern Long Island has made them well known throughout the LI music scene. This progressive rock band has been performing their own musical compositions as well as classic rock songs from rockers like Jethro Tull and Led Zeppelin. In the early 1970s the band was joined onstage by John Entwistle of The Who.

Dave Chmela, bassist and songwriter, is an original founding member of RRC. He is also a vocalist and his musical influences include Bob Marley to Alan Holdsworth. He also plays keyboards and is a great fan of classical composer George Frederic Handel.

Craig Weinberg picked up a guitar at the age of five and hasn't put it down since. He realized his dream when he had the opportunity to become a member of RRC 14 years ago.

Larry McGowan first trained on piano and then became a church organist before joining the band in 1969. His entertaining on-stage antics make him a favorite to watch. Big influences are Mike Pender of The Moody Blues, Billie Holiday, Big Band sounds, as well as Chopin.

Adam Snyder also brings his share of talent to the band. He first started rehearsing with RRC in 2002. He has performed with many legendary musicians, including Billy Joel and Neil Sedaka. In addition to his percussion and vocal skills, he also plays bass and piano.

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