GoodTime Charlies Band

GoodTime Charlies Band is a diverse collection of talented musicians that
brings an exciting, experienced and entertaining rock & roll group to the
stage. Members of the band have fond memories of the Fore n' Aft. Either
performing in the early '70's or dancing to the other great bands that were there.

Lead singer Donna Cooper belts out the vocals with her "spot on" performance
renditions from Janis Joplin to Patti Smith. Donna's professionally trained
vocals have lead a number of bands in the NYC area.

Classically trained on piano, Steve Negri has been a member of national and
locally known rock & roll bands including Beatlemania and a Fore n' Aft favorite Cinema.

Dennis MacDonald is a long-time musician playing a variety of stringed
instruments. During the Fore n' Aft hay-day Dennis played in The Wandering
Minstrel Band and more recently with Roots Rock Revue and Not Too Late.
The electric Bass is his primary choice for GoodTime Charlies Band.

Name any song and Rob Libonati will play his guitar note for note.
Rob has played with a number of bands from "country to metal" and his
breath of talent lets GoodTime Charlies Band take any direction as needed.

Pete Panettiere plays his drum kit as if it was seamlessly intertwined with
the other musicians. No beat goes missed or worst... misplaced. Pete is the
glue that holds the band together and move it forward at the proper pace.

GoodTime Charlies Band has played in many of the clubs and venues in the Connecticut
/ New York area. Always willing to help and support the local communities
the band regularly will play for charity fundraisers and non-profit organizations.

GoodTime Charlies Band can be found on Facebook were photos, videos and additional band information.

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