Emily Band


Emily was formed during the Fall of 1969 in Westchester
County of southern NY State. Some of their musical influences
included YES, ELP, Genesis, J. Tull, Return to Forever, Pink Floyd
and Moody Blues; progressive rock became embedded in their soul.
The band received commercial success playing at many High School
events, Colleges and the Northeast club circuit managed thru CTA
(Creative Talents Associates).

During 1975, the band went thru minor changes and added brass to
their sound; they dedicated the 2nd half of the decade focused
on writing original material in hopes of recording with a major
record label. That hope was realized by Emily when the band
released "The Child", a song written and recorded for the
Ct. Special Olympics. The song was heard nationally and was performed
live at the Kennedy Center in DC for dignitaries, celebrities and
The US President in attendance.

Emily is:
Chris Martirano on Keys (69-79),
Ramon Colon on Lead Guitar (69-79),
Lex Martirano on drums (69-79),
Jon Fanelli on vocals/guitar (69-75),
Corky Ballard on Bass/vocals (75-79),
Tom Textor on vocals (75-79)
and Paul Magnan on bass/guitar(69-79).

In 1980 the band members separated to work on other musical projects.
Now, after not performing together for the last 40 years, Emily is
reuniting in celebration of their 50th anniversary and will be performing
some of their special 70s "progrock" anthems at the Fore'n'Aft Benefit Concert.
"Welcome Back My Friends to the Show that Never Ends!"

Inquires: Email forenaftreunion@gmail.com


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